Royal Series Windshield/Windscreen Protector

Royal Series Windscreen/Windshield Protector is a patent-protected glass strengthener designed to improve windshield safety and increase the impact resistance to road hazards that cause chips and cracks. This technology enables glass to dissipate energy by repairing the microscopic surface defects that weaken glass. The integrated water repellent displaces moisture to help keep glass clear and enhance driver visibility. Royal Series Windshield/Windscreen Protector is a patented solution that enables glass to dissipate energy using nanotechnology to locate and repair the microscopic surface defects that weaken glass. Royal Series Windshield/Windscreen Protector improves the strength, toughness, and flexibility of glass, and increases resistance to breakage due to impact.

Royal Series Windshield/Windscreen Protector

Product Benefits & Effects:

Safeguard: 80% protection safeguard from cracking, stone chips and some scratches

Clear view: increases driver visiblity by creating a hydrophobic effect from rain, snow & debris

Decreases maintenance expenses from chip and crack damage

Increases impact resistance

Reduces crack propagation