LION HOLDING JAPAN is an Environmentally conscious manufacturer of car care and household products. Enhancing the technical capabilities of automotive and house care products have always been the key focus and remains one of our greatest assets. Manufactured in Osaka Japan and 100% organic formula.



Royal Series Sanitizer is suitable for disinfection and can be used in all areas in the home, hotel accommodation, offices, nurse stations, restaurants, cafeterias, lockers, on cutting boards and even in vehicles (buses, cars and trains).

Odor Management

Spraying Royal Series Sanitizer on clothes, uniforms, sofas, curtains and other fabric surfaces will provide a deodorizing effect as it attacks the bacteria. It can remove pet odour and odours caused by smoke.


Our organic formula provides the benefts of an antibacterial solution without the drying effects of alcohol. It can even be sprayed lightly on the outside of masks to suppress invasion of viruses and bacteria.

Mold Prevention

When Royal Series Sanitizer is used in areas that are usually moist it will prevent mold from growing. This includes bathroom surfaces, toilets, kitchens and wash basins.

Spray and desinfect any surface

Train surface desinfection Lion Holding
Car interior leather surface desinfection Lion Holding

Tornador gun application

Spray bottle application Lion Holding
Tornador gun application Lion Holding
Industrial sprayer application Lion Holding


In accordance with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan our product uses no stabilizers, additives or preservatives. There is no toxicity and most importantly, does not ignite or cause allergic reactions. Testing has been done in the Japan Food Research Laboratories and is confrmed to have an acute oral toxicity concentration of 300ppm.

Made with a 100% organic formula, it has the highest elecrolyzed hypochlorous acid concentration. It is gentle on the skin and safe for all age groups. It poses no harm if accidently consumed

By using Royal Series Sanitizer, bacterial cells and norovirus was confrmed to have been killed within 60 seconds

Product Differentiation

Product Comparison

Product comparison Royal Series Sanitizer Lion Holding

Bacterial eradication test result

(Tested and demonstrated at the Japan Food Research Laboratories and Osaka Technological University)

Royal Series Sanitizer Effectiveness Test Lion Holding

Royal Series Sanitizer and disinfectant

Royal Series Sanitizer and disinfectant Lion Holding

Royal Series Sanitizer PH Graph

Royal Series Sanitizer PH Graph Lion Holding
Royal Series Sanitizer virus inactivation flow chart Lion Holding